Semester Leave / Leave of Absent

  • A student, who requires spending a period of time away from the university, may request for a leave of absence. In this regard, student must apply stating valid grounds to the Head of the department through the Batch Advisor of the department concerned.
  • Permission for leave of absence/advance semester leave should be taken before the commencement of a new semester.
  • The length of leave is maximum for two semesters.
  • No fees will have to be paid by a student during such leave but his right to use university facilities is suspended while the leave is in effect.
  • A student, who is suffering from a prolonged illness, may request for further period of leave of absence on medical grounds. To qualify for such an extension a student must submit a comprehensive medical report along with the application.
  • If any undergraduate student is found absent/unregistered up to two semesters without having permission, s/he has to pay Tk. 1,000/- as fine for each semester dropped to continue the study at TUB
  • However, if any undergraduate or postgraduate student is found absent/unregistered without permission for more than two consecutive semesters, s/he will be considered as a discontinued student. If such student wishes to continue the study, an appeal may be made to the Registrar through Head of the department for re-admission. The competent authority of the university will take the decision for re-admission.

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