Examination System

Eligibility for Entry to Examination

No student shall be eligible to take part in any semester final examination unless:
• S/he is officially registered for particular course(s);
• S/he has fulfilled the required percentage of class attendance & other requirements;
• S/he has fulfilled the required payments of fees and charges etc.

Attendance in Semester Final Examination

• A registered student is required to attend in the semester final examinations and s/he must put the signature in the exam attendance sheet of all courses.
• If any student found absent from examination without permission, s/he will be deemed to have failed the course and consequently an 'X' grade will be recorded in the semester result against the course(s). If not replaced within two weeks of the beginning of the next semester, it will be automatically converted to 'F' grade.

Cheating in Examination

• If a student is found to have committed a breach of any rules and regulations of the examinations or any procedures/instructions made there under the regulations, such candidate shall be deemed to have committed an offence and will be liable to disciplinary action. Such action may like be drop of the current semester, expulsion for an academic year or expulsion from the university etc based on the weight and gravity of the offence. In addition, student will be deprived from enjoying any financial assistance in the following semesters as the TUB authority decides on case by case basis.
• If a student receives expulsion from the University for cheating, s/he cannot be re-admitted.
• Besides this, any irregularities regarding examination offence will be solved by the vide code "Examination Offences and Disciplinary Actions" of TUB.

Special Examination

• If any student cannot appear at semester final examination on medical grounds or unavoidable circumstances acceptable to the concerned authority, s/he may option to sit for the special examination for the missing course(s).
• An application should be submitted to the Controller of Examinations within 7 (seven) days from the date of exam held through the Head of the department with the supporting documents.

• Supporting documents (medical certificates etc) should be attested by the TUB panel doctor/Head of the department concerned.
• If the application is approved then an "I" (incomplete) grade will be given in the semester final result by the Examination Division.
• A student is also allowed for special final examinations only for "I" graded course(s).
• Special final examinations must be held within two (2) weeks of the commencement of the following semester.
• If any student fails to appear at special final examination on that stipulated time, then 'F' (fail) will be given in his/her course(s).
• Special final examination fee is Tk. 1,000/- (or as decided by the authority from time to time) per course.

Special Re-sit Examination

• If a student gets fail status in the final semester, s/he can avail the chance for special (re-sit) examination maximum for two (02) courses only.
• A student must take prior permission for special (re-sit) examination from the Controller of Examinations through the Head of the department within two weeks from the date of publication of results.
• Fee of special (re-sit) examination is Tk. 1,000/- per course.
• Special (re-sit) examination will be held on 100 marks within two (2) weeks of the commencement of the following semester.
• If a student gets fail in the special (re-sit) examination in any course, s/he has to register that particular course in the following semester by paying as usual fees (i.e. cr. hr. basis) and other charges.

Appeal for Re-evaluation of the answer scripts / Result

• If any student wants to re-evaluate his/her Answer Scripts of final examination, s/he has to submit a written application to the Controller of Examinations within 7 (seven) days from the date of publication of the results.
• Fee of re-evaluation is Tk. 500/- per course.
• If any grade became upgraded after re-evaluation, then deposited Tk. 500/- will be refunded to the incumbent student.

Grounds of Appeal of Re-evaluation

An appeal may be made on any or all of the following grounds:
• If a student strongly believes that s/he deserves more marks than s/he got;
• If a student believes that, her/his marks have not been counted in full.
• Besides these, the examination system i.e. all kinds of examinations of TUB will be conducted as per the vide code "Code of Conduct of Examinations" of TUB.

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