Policies For Course Repeat/Improvement

  • For an 'F' grade, the course must be repeated within the next three consecutive semesters, but pre-requisite course (if any) should be repeated on priority basis.
  • As for the improvement of any grade (up to 'B' grade), the incumbent student may be allowed to repeat only one time for a particular course, which should be repeated within next three consecutive semesters.
  • However, if any student wishes to take this privilege, s/he has to take written permission from the Head of the department and a copy of permission must be sent to the office of the Controller of Examinations within three days from the date of publication of results.
  • Better grade will be accepted against that particular course for improvement in question, and the previous grade will be marked as 'R' (repeated), and excluded from GPA computation.
  • For repeat/improvement of a course, a student has to register the course as usually by paying the normal tuition fees (i.e. credit hour basis).

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